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Neapolitan musician, graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Salerno in 1990. He Participates in several jazz workshops in Perugia and Siena  with Franco D'Andrea. Many jam sessions with representatives of Italian jazz, including Stefano Battaglia Paolo Fresu, etc. One of his first experiences was the show "Napoli canta Napoli". In 1995 he recorded his first album "Alba Mediterranea",
where  the suggestions of the Mediterranean sound are inspired by legends, myths and the magic of the great classics of the Neapolitan tradition. As a sensitive artist he participates in various
cultural projects with "'O Cuorp' e Napule e Song e Napule" for  carrying out projects for the deployment and recovery of the territory, and the restoration of monuments of the city of Naples,
alongside artists such as: Zurzolo , Onorato, Edwards, Senese, Jackson, Cercola and Gragnaniello with whom he collaborated  for many years. There are different interests and festivals including:
Premio Tenco 96 with "Danza Arcana," a festival of music and Neapolitan culture in Berlin in '97 and Paris in 1998. His deep humanitarian spirit has been engaged in numerous events  of "Wesak"
meeting between Eastern and Western cultures for peace and the Defense of Human Rights. In 1999, for the marathon in the city of Naples is included in a compilation CD on "Un'onda nel mare" .
He collaborated in the theatre show "Stories, prayers  and songs of Naples in 1799" directed by Maestro Roberto De Simone at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. In 2000 in Paris at the "Festival of Music"
and the next year in Portugal. As part of an exhibition at Villa Bruno, he accompanies Lucia Poli in a music  and acting performance. In September 2001,he is present at the IVth edition of the
Mediterranean Video Festival in the international exhibition "Mediterranean between music and Landscape" - a summary of the meeting of cultures and sounds from various  Mediterranean countries, performing in a session with Nour-Eddine Fatty a musician of Jamal Berber origins and a violinist and conductor of the Arab Andalusian Tangier, and Marcello Colasurdo engaging voice of the people, receiving the UNESCO REPRESENTATIVES  Hungarian Anna Kiss a special award for creating a relationship etween dialogue and peace through music. He joins the arena flegrea in September 2004 the "Premio Carosone" with a reinterpretation of Jazz "Guaglione", flanked by Karine Chenaf a french  singer of Moroccan origin proposing a French version of" Guaglione " a musical festival with the
participation of artists such as Renzo Arbore, Vanda Osiris, Caparezza, Max Magpies, Rais and other at Augusteo theatre in May 2005, in honour of Salvatore  Sciascia said Alfuso 'historical founder of the collective worker inland Campania Nacchere Rosse is engaged in a show alongside the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo '. In 2006, he is a producer and musician of "SPONDE" CD, published by Masar and sponsored  by Amnesty International and whoose the proceeds go to the Control Arms campaign against the use of arms. In January 2010 at the Teatro Sistina in Rome along with many international
artists including Ennio Morricone in a benefit show for the reconstruction  of the "table of Celestine of the poor de l'Aquila, which was destroyed by the earthquake, and the purchase of machinery the Department of Pediatric Hematology Hospital Bambino Gesù of Rome. In March 2010 the Greek Theatre in Rome, together with Enzo  De Caro in a show dedicated to Massimo Troisi entitled POETA MASSIMO. In July 2010, he is producer and musician of " Guardando il mare" CD , published by Blue & Blue music in Milan, Sounds of the South and distributed by Halidon.


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